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Heat Reflective Roofing For Cool Roofs

Metro Industrial Roof Restoration specialise in commercial and industrial roof restoration, focusing on the application of high tech heat reflective roof coatings which maintain lower roof surface temperatures.

A cool roof surface reflects and emits the sun's energy as light back to the sky, instead of allowing it to enter the building below as heat.

In an array of climate zones, especially in warmer Australian climates, a cool roof can substantially reduce the cooling load of the building, providing several direct benefits to the building owner and occupants:

  • Increased occupant comfort, especially during the hot summer months.
  • A noticeable reduction, in air conditioning use, resulting in significant energy savings.
  • Decreased roof maintenance costs due to longer roof life.

What is a Cool Roof?

How Insultec Heat Reflective Roof Coatings Work

A cool roof reflects and emits the sun's heat back to the sky instead of transferring it to the building below.
"Coolness" is measured by two properties, solar reflectance and thermal emittance.

Solar Reflectance: portion of light reflected

  • Thermal Emittance (infrared): portion of absorbed heat reemitted
  • Both measured from 0 to 1, higher value is cooler
  • Both important, although reflectance has the greater effect

Metro Industrial Roof Restorations' use many suppliers of cool roof coatings. Most suppliers have a long history with their heat reflective coatings and its proven use in the field for up to twenty years. The products we use were formulated here in Australia to cope with the Australian climate.

21st Century Technology...

Cool roof coatings and membranes and coatings have a remarkable ability to stop solar heat transfer. Applied to the external surface of a structure in fluid form they dry to a solid protective finish. Cool Roof coatings can stop up to 90% of infra red and 85% of ultra violet light from entering a structure, by reflecting it back into the atmosphere.

Insultec Heat Reflective Roofing Comparison

Technical Data...

Cool Roof coatings are a water based co-polymer compound containing inert pigments and special filters. They are a one component system, with excellent adhesion, they are micro porous, impervious to salt spray and airborne pollution, mould and fungus resistant and will not flake, crack or peel.

Roof Temperature Comparison

Solar Heat Transfer...

Solar Heat TransferThroughout the day infra red and ultra violet rays transfer through the roof and subjective walls to the infrastructure and inside air, continually adding heat as the day progresses. Once the heat is in, it is trapped. Long after the sun has set and the air outside has cooled, it is still uncomfortably hot inside. Internally fitted systems such as batts, foam, etc., only slow the rate of heat transfer. They do not stop it.

Up to 15° C cooler inside!

The Cool Roof Difference...

The unique properties of heat reflective roof coatings prevent the penetration of heat transfer to an unsurpassed level. This marked difference has direct and indirect effect in financial benefits.

Less use of air conditioning

less1 less2

Cost Effective...

Cool Roof coatings effectively reduce costs by extending structural life expectancy and by reducing energy consumption. Savings on air conditioning usage have been reported above 61%. Combined savings on labour, energy and structural repair add up to economical sense.

Benefits of Insultec Heat Reflective Coatings...

  • Unsurpassed insulation against solar radiation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long life, cost effective
  • Reduces or eliminates use of air conditioning
  • Easy to apply fluid roof coating
  • Decreases structural movement
  • Elastomeric, excellent adhesion
  • Use on virtually any substrate

Typical uses and effects...

On metal, to reduce expansion and contraction a cause of structural damage, which requires continual maintenance, or leads to premature replacement.

On concrete, to reduce expansion and contraction a cause of masonry cracking.

To reduce the reliance on mechanical means of cooling internal air space. In air conditioned buildings, less wattage is needed. Where air conditioning is required, a smaller unit may be sufficient.

Energy and the Environment...

Directly and indirectly, an application of heat reflective roof coatings makes environmental sense, with:

  • Notably less energy consumption
  • Extended structural life
  • Less maintenance

With rapidly increasing emphasis on our environment, choosing the right solution to solar heat stress is paramount.

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