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Metro Roof Restoration - Cool Roofs 2

Cool Roofs

Metro Industrial Roof Restoration specialise in commercial and industrial roof restoration, focusing on the application of high tech coatings which maintain lower roof surface temperatures. A cool roof surface reflects and emits the suns energy as light, back to the sky, instead of allowing it to enter the building below as heat. In an array […]

Metro Roof Restoration - Aged Sky Lights

Aged Sky Lights

As pressure to save energy mounts, green architecture and building movement drive increased use of day-lighting, the use of natural light through skylights. Evolving International building energy codes, such as the California Title 24 standard, are expected to favor, or even mandate, the use of skylights in large flat-roof commercial buildings. Skylights can lower electric […]

Metro Roof Restoration - Hail Damaged Asbestos Roofs

Hail Damaged Asbestos Roofs

In recent years Metro have worked closely with insurance companies and underwriters to provide repair services to hail damaged roofs. Metro can supply and install the Fibroseal TM asbestos encapsulation system to stabilise a hail damaged roof. This coupled with our methods of repairing punctured roof sheets, can provide a building owner or tenant with […]

Metro Roof Restoration - Asbestos Roofs

Asbestos Roofs

Metro Industrial Roof Restoration are the number one installer of the Fibroseal system in Australia, and have the full and complete backing of the system manufacturer Crommelin, to assess, specify and carry out asbestos encapsulation installations Australia Wide Asbestos cement sheeting undergoes a weathering process after many years of exposure and a loose surface layer […]


New asbestos laws for non-residential premises

New asbestos laws for non-residential premises have been introduced in the ACT. These laws affect you if you have control of a building and/or make decisions about the management of a building, for example, as an owner, occupier or property manager. VIEWFULLPDF  


Desert Edge High School Goodyear, Arizona

Building a green school is much easier than many people think. It also doesn’t necessarily cost more. It does have to be a team effort, and the results are worthwhile. The building provides a healthy environment to learn and work in and is in itself an educational tool. VIEWFULLPDF


Potential benefits of cool roofs on commercial buildings: conserving energy, saving money, and reducing emission of greenhouse gases and air pollutants

Abstract Cool Roofs – roofs that stay cool in the sun by minimizing solar absorption and maximizing thermal emission – lessen the flow of heat from the roof into the building, reducing the need for space cooling energy in conditioned building VIEWFULLPDF


Cool Roofs

On this page you’ll find information about the Building Technologies Program envelope materials R&D project on cool roofs. A cool roof has a white or special cool color that absorbs less sunlight, staying cooler in the sun and transmitting less heat into a building. Traditional dark-colored roofing materials strongly absorb sunlight, making them warm in […]