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The product that makes successful asbestos roof encapsulation possible.

Metro Industrial Roof Restoration Pty Ltd have maintained its relationship and exclusive use of Crommelins Fibroseal System for the binding of asbestos fibres on Super Six and Deep Six profile asbestos roofs throughout Australia. The system consists of Crommelins ¬†Fibroseal Topcoat, which is a waterborne, high-build elastomeric roofing membrane. Applied over the Fibroseal Primer which […]

Many Reasons To Keep Your Asbestos Roof

An increasing trend over the past few years is to renovate your property before selling it to achieve the best sale price. With thousands of properties with asbestos roofs, this can be a big issue for owners. With just two options available, the first, to completely remove the asbestos roof and replace it with another […]

Many Reasons To Encapsultate Or Remove An Asbestos Roof

A recent inspection of an asbestos roof revealed the confusion and lack of knowledge with regard to the dangers of asbestos in the community. Called to site because of roof leaks we found that yes, there were many roof leaks causing problems at this factory, but even a cursory inspection revealed bigger issues which were […]

Super six asbestos roof ridge

Longevity Metro Industrial Roof Restoration

Continuing on our recent thread of Longevity, we had a discussion with our supplier of the Fibroseal Asbestos Roof Encapsulation system, Crommelin, who manufacture waterproofing and sealing products in Perth. We discovered, after some research by Crommelin, that they are confident that they have supplied and installed in excess of 1,000,000 square metres of the […]



With the recent weather event on the east coast and more on the way, building owners and occupants can save themselves problems with water ingress by developing a maintenance schedule for their roofs. The number one cause for water getting into buildings during these weather events is blocked gutters. Following on from the autumn weather, […]

Metro Industrial Roof Restoration Longevity

A few months ago, Metro had a call from a customer in Villawood Sydney, who encapsulated their business premises roof in 2005. In 2005, Metro supplied and installed the Fibroseal Asbestos roof encapsulation system, to their workshop roofs. This followed a report on the condition of the Super Six profile roof sheeting, which stated that […]

YES WE CAN!! – Metro Industrial Roof Restoration Pty Ltd

  YES WE CAN!! Metro want to advise the people who are responsible for the maintenance and safety of their asbestos roofs, YES WE CAN!!. We have had so many people in recent months, tell us, they have been advised that, “we cannot get any roof sheets of the same profile anymore”. This meant that […]

2016 Advice for asbestos roofing

Advice for asbestos roofing. Following the stormy start to summer here in NSW and other parts of Australia, the team here at Metro have been asked to look at some super six asbestos roofs, following “audits” customers had initiated through various companies offering asbestos services. From the information gathered, Metro see a gap in the […]

A recently encapsulated roof in Melbourne, using the Fibroseal asbestos roof encapsulation system manufactured by Crommelin in Perth W.A.

Metro Industrial Roof Restoration head into 2015 with a full order book

Following many years of marketing and job application of the Fibroseal asbestos roof encapsulation system, Metro have gained a core of corporate customers who see and understand the value proposition that is associated with asbestos roof encapsulation, rather than roof removal and replacement. Along with the complete roof services Metro provide for restoring asbestos roofs, […]

Metro Industrial Roof Restoration in the community

Unbeknownst to many people, Metro’s Principal, Peter O’Connell has a had a long standing association with charitable foundations that assist people affected by asbestos related diseases. The Bernie Banton Foundation, which promotes awareness and education regarding all forms of asbestos in the community, launched its Mobile Asbestos Education and Awareness Unit at the ACT Legislative […]