Many Reasons To Encapsultate Or Remove An Asbestos Roof

A recent inspection of an asbestos roof revealed the confusion and lack of knowledge with regard to the dangers of asbestos in the community.

Called to site because of roof leaks we found that yes, there were many roof leaks causing problems at this factory, but even a cursory inspection revealed bigger issues which were just not acknowledged, and were in fact putting all at the site in danger.



Firstly, as shown in the photograph, the roof was in the main “loose”, fixed to timber purlins, with the majority of the roof screws not attached and or rusted out. Our recommendation was that this roof has reached the end of its life and should be removed and replaced.

This photograph shows visible blue asbestos fibres in the surface of the roof sheets at this particular site.



Then inside….




This roof sheet was broken years ago, and an infill sheet placed to seal the hole, but the roof sheet has broken pieces, that would leave exposed asbestos fibres along the edges. Of course there is the danger of the broken pieces falling into the building, causing many safety issues.

This factory should act as a timely reminder to all building owners or persons who have control of a building, such as strata managers or anyone conducting  business in a property with asbestos roofs that you are required by law to identify all asbestos on the site, detail this in an asbestos register and develop and manage an asbestos management plan.

Penalties are severe, for failure to comply, $3,000,000 for an organisation , $600,000 for an individual and up to 5 years imprisonment.

For assistance with any of the issues raised in this information contact Metro Industrial Roof Restoration direct on 0418299039.

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