Many Reasons To Keep Your Asbestos Roof

An increasing trend over the past few years is to renovate your property before selling it to achieve the best sale price.

With thousands of properties with asbestos roofs, this can be a big issue for owners. With just two options available, the first, to completely remove the asbestos roof and replace it with another roofing system, or the second, which is to encapsulate the roof leaving it in place.

Not overcapitalising on your property at the point of sale is vital to ensuring the highest profit possible.

Utilising the repair and encapsulation process is the best way to do this as encapsulation costs are approximately 35% of the cost of removal and replacement.

We offer these photographs of a property in Sydney, which undertook to encapsulate the asbestos roof, in this case, firstly for aesthetic reasons and also because the encapsulation sealed the asbestos fibres on the roof surface, clearing any objections with regard to safety from potential purchasers.




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