The product that makes successful asbestos roof encapsulation possible.

Metro Industrial Roof Restoration Pty Ltd have maintained its relationship and exclusive use of Crommelins Fibroseal System for the binding of asbestos fibres on Super Six and Deep Six profile asbestos roofs throughout Australia.

The system consists of Crommelins  Fibroseal Topcoat, which is a waterborne, high-build elastomeric roofing membrane. Applied over the Fibroseal Primer which is also a waterborne, penetrating treatment. The primer is designed to soak through lichen and degraded asbestos, down to sound base material, binding these unstable elements.

Metro have long been Crommelins most successful applicator of Fibroseal, utilising top of the range airless pump technology, combined with experienced applicators,  to deliver the system efficiently and safely to Commercial and Industrial roofs. The accompanying photographs show a recent project, before and after encapsulation.

Figure 1 Before Encapsulation and repairs

Figure 1 Before Encapsulation and repairs



Figure 2 After Encapsulation, with new skylights and gutter repairs

Figure 2 After Encapsulation, with new skylights and gutter repairs



Active ingredients in the Fibroseal Topcoat also resist the growth of moss and lichen.

When used together with Crommelin Fibroseal Primer, the product forms part of the Crommelin Fibroseal® System, an accredited and proven encapsulation system used throughout Australia since 1990.

The Fibroseal System benefits are:

  • Encapsulate asbestos cement sheet fibres.
  • Avoid costly downtime associated with replacement of asbestos roofs.
  • Achieve significant reduction in roof cavity temperatures resulting in savings in building cooling costs.
  • Extend the service life of asbestos structures.
  • Water borne.
  • Resist algae growth.
  • Waterborne


Call Metro direct for advice regarding your asbestos roof, on 0418299039 or inquire through our contact page.


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