2016 Advice for asbestos roofing

Advice for asbestos roofing.

Following the stormy start to summer here in NSW and other parts of Australia, the team here at Metro have been asked to look at some super six asbestos roofs, following “audits” customers had initiated through various companies offering asbestos services.

From the information gathered, Metro see a gap in the market for advice specific to asbestos roofing and will soon be offering a consulting service to clients who need to take the next step after receiving an “audit”.

This is because, while the audit can and does confirm the presence of asbestos our customers tell us they do not provide real , concrete advice, as to the steps to be taken, to actually fix the problem for the customer.

Metros team have gained their experience from installing asbestos roofs (U.K),and  removal. While  for the last ten years undertaking asbestos roof restorations, using the Crommelin, Fibro seal A.P.A.S. approved asbestos encapsulation system.screenshot-metroroofrestoration.com.au 2016-01-19 10-14-24

Metro can provide the right information and even specification, as to how to fix and restore all aspects of an  asbestos roof, or when to advise that they be removed.

As with all of our services this will be available in all states and territories.

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