City To Surf 2015

Metro Industrial Roof Restorations principle, Peter O’Connell took part in the 2015 City to Surf.

Following a complete hip replacement in December of last year, Peter decided he would set a goal to test his recovery, while at the same time doing something for others.

As a long standing supporter of asbestos related causes Peter sponsored the Bernie Banton Foundation. Peter raised $2,875 dollars for the cause.

During the  years Bernie Banton spent as the public face for asbestos disease sufferers of Australia, behind the scenes, his wife Karen, very much ‘walked the walk’ with him.

She was every bit as passionate as Bernie for the cause, and even more so with his passing in November 2007.

It was this passion that led to the establishment of the Bernie Banton Foundation in 2009, to carry on Bernie’s legacy of advocating for the rights of asbestos related disease sufferers  and creating awareness about the dangers of  asbestos.

Working in the asbestos abatement industry, Metro Industrial Roof Restoration continue to provide an alternative to the removal and replacement of asbestos roofs. Metro repair and then encapsulate the roof surface, using Crommelins Fibro-seal system for Commercial and Industrial roofs Australia wide.

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